Hiking suggestions

The panoramic path of Réallon

Start from: Resort car park - length: 2h30 - Difficulty: Easy - Difference in heights: 190m

Walk up the path behind the Résidence des Aurans, reach the chalets (panoramic path). Keep on the path after the chalets.

On the crossroad of Pra-d'Ayme, leave the path going down on the right and go up the left. Keep on the catwalk path, after the panoramic part on the Réallon valley, it will reach the button lift of Aigue Noire and the summer chalet.
Cross the clearing dotted with larches and hutches, and go down towards the crossing of La Posette. Leave the piste on the right (Les Mallets) and take the one opposite (Vaucluse, la Pourrachière). After 100m (information board n°6), go down the grassy path on the right going along a stone wall.
Cross the Bessuilier stream and go up to the crossroad just after the 2 first chalets of Vaucluse.
Turn left and reach the piste above.
Turn right (La Pourrachière, Le Bourget) and walk along the catwalk, until the information board n°7 located 50m after the last chalet.
The discovery path

Starts from: Les Gourniers carpark - Length: 30mn - Difficulty: Easy 

Short easy stroll with information boards about the environment and discovery of the "Marmite des géants".
Perfect for a little walk with kids followed by a nice ice-cream.
The Cabane de Chargés

Starts from: Les Gourniers carpark - Length: 6 hours - Difficulty: Easy - Difference in heights: 730 m

From the carpark, go left after the bridge toward the chapelle Saint Marcellin (here, in the summer, the park keeper of the Écrins shows mountain goats with binoculars).
Follow the path for 45mn to the Chapelle, and the cabane du Pré d'Antoni.
Follow the path to the stream, which you will have to cross (can be tricky when there is a lot of water). Go up the grassy slope, where the path is sometimes unclear, to reach a flat with the Cabane de Chargès.
The Fort de Réallon

Starts from: Village of Réallon (Memorial carpark) - Length: 2h15 - Difficulty: Easy - Difference in heights: 240m

Follow the path going up above the board. After the crossroad, go up the path on the right, to the ruins of the Fort.
Back at the crossing, follow the path on the right (Villard, camping Les Gourniers) going down. At the crossroad, do not take the path on the right but keep going down on the left side. At the stream follow the left bank to the road.
Cross the Réallon stream on the Pont du Villard, and keep walking on the path.
Take the first path on the left. At the crossing, cross the stream on the Pont de la Dessize and go back up to the village.

The Fort de Réallon was possibly erected between the 12th and the 14th century, and proves man was already present on those hills a long time ago.
Interesting fact: the steeple-gate of the church is listed.
Le Col de la Gardette

Starts from: Les Gourniers carpark - Length: 5 hours 30 - Difficulty: Medium - Difference in heights: 700 m

A beautiful hike on the alpine pasture of the Gardette, view over the valley of Réallon, the mountain tops and on the lake of Serre-Ponçon.

All along this hike, follow the red markings.
From les Gourniers, cross the stream and go up towards the hamlet on the left. Follow the macadam road for 1km until the hamlet Les Tomelles. Go right, on a steep path Les Usclas. Keep going on the left, the path is still steep to arrive to the Clots, on the border of the woods (1 950m high). The path go up gently in the pastures, goes over rocky bars and reaches a flat with the Cabane de la Gardette at the foot of the Pousterle peak. Go back south to reach the Col de la Gardette (2 125m).
Take you way back through the Vallon de la Gardette. Stays on the path and walk by the Cabane de Corbières (1 880m). From this point, follow the piste underneath the Rocher de la Roudourière to the Pourrachière. Take the path leave from the clearing. A steep slope goes down to les Granges. Keep going towards the campsite "La Baracane". Few minutes later, you will find the piste that you will need to follow towards the left. Walk by the Pont de la Cure. Stay on this stream bank and go along it for about 20mn to the Pont des Gourniers.
Le lac de Saint Apollinaire

Starts from: Resort car park - length: 2 hours 30 - Difficulty: Easy

The path of Joubelle (wood road) is going through the larch woods. Follow it for 30mn to reach the board "Lac de Saint Apollinaire".
Take the little path going down towards the lake. From the lake follow the macadam road for a little while to the GR (on the left).
Go on the GR which goes back to the resort (Chemin des Faysses).

You are walking along a path overlooking the Lake of Serre-Ponçon in a larch wood. At the lake of Saint Apollinaire, you will find tables and barbecues, pedalos, minigolf and a snack with a panoramic seating area.
Going around the Aiguilles de Chabrières

Starts from: Resort car park - length: 7 hours - Difficulty: Difficult - Difference in heights: 800 m

Exceptional views over the lake of Serre-Ponçon and the valley of Réallon. An atmosphere reminding the high mountain, discovery of the amazing Oucanes, chalk plateau eroded by the water.

All along this walk, follow the blue marks.
Starts from the station and follow the piste fo Joubelle to the crossing of the ridges path. Take right, in the woods and walk above the resort.
At the Reserve, go up on the left. The woods are crossed quickly before arriving at the Serre du Mouton. Keep going up on the West by the path of the ridges to the top of the chairlifts (La Croix du Vallon)
Stop at the orientation table (if the day is clear, you can see the Mont Ventoux, 90km away!). From here, go in direction of the breach, take left to cross the scree to the ridge overlooking the lake and the plain of Chorges. The path will then go north-west in the pasture, along the Oucanes before going north towards the shepherd cabane Les Rougnous.
Start going down, take the first right on the first cross road towards the shepherd cabane of Font Garnière to reach the ski slopes. The path goes underneath the skilift of Aigues Noire and reaches the plateau Courtier.
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We advise that you bring appropriate equipment, clothing and shoes.
An IGN map and/or a hiking topo are also strongly advised.
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