Maps and prices

30km of pistes, 4 green, 5 blue, 3 red and 1 black.
6 skilifts: 2 chairlifts, 3 button lifts and a belt.

New skilifts are here for visitors from the opening days of the skiing zone with two 4 seats chairlifts and a belt you can use on skis or foot at the bottom of the slope.
The "Ripaaa", natural sledge run,  will take you from the top of the pistes to the station: 40mn of pure adrenaline.
Prices for passes on the skiing zone 2015/2016
  Adults Prices 12 and under / 65 and above
Pass "Liberté"
4 successive hours
€19 €17
Pass "Classique"
Full day
€21.50 €19
Pass "Week-end"
2 successive days
€41 €35
Pass "Détente"
3 non successive days
€61 €52
Pass "Semaine"
6 successive days
€107 €94
Pass "Découverte"
2 successive hours
€15 €13
Pass "Zen"
5 non successive hours
€33 €28
Pass "Vendredi ARTT"
1 full day
€18 €18
Pass "Saison Classique" 
Pass "Internet" 4 successive hours


Pass "Internet" Full day



Pass "Internet" 2 successive days 

Pass "Internet" 3 successive days

Pass "Internet" 6 successive days 

Return ticket for chairlift Clos des Aurans  €7 €7
Return ticket for the 2 chairlifts €11 €11

For more flexibility and less hassle, choose the non successive hours! Those passes are only activated for one hour when you first scan it at the checkpoint, every hour you begin is deducted from your pass. (if you scan your pass at 10h16, you can ski as much as you like until 11h15. At 11h16, another hour is deducted.) Those hours can be used all season.
Children below the age of 5 and adults above the age of 75 are the resort's guests.
Skiing for little ones
A belt helps the beginner skiers, big and small discovering the ski, as simply as possible. All equipment on the resort guarantee a good supervision for the children. Family skiing with peace of mind.
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