Our champion: Laetitia Roux

Laetitia Roux, 30, holds the biggest number of mountaineering rewards in the world. Born in the Savinois, she still often trains on the slopes of Réallon and around the lake of Serre-Ponçon...
And is a regular feature of the event named after her!
Vertical or dry race, the Laetitia Roux is a mountain race open and accessible to all.
The first circuit is set on the ski slopes and the second one snakes up around the Aiguilles de Chabrières.
In an enchanting atmosphere, this nocturnal race is set on the 2nd of January (press pack available on demand)


Our champion: Laetitia Roux

Laetitia Roux in a few words: 
  • 10 titles  world champion between 2006 and 2014
  • 4 victories  in the overall ranking in the world cups 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2013
  • 6 titles  Europe champion: 2008 (2X), 2012 (2X), 2014 (2X)
  • 20 titles  France champion
  • 3 victories in the PIERRA MENTA: 2008, 2011 and 2013
Réallon: the training grounds of Laetitia Roux
Laetitia Roux, world champion 2010 of ski mountaineering, won the world cup in 2008 and 2009, was born in Savines-le-Lac. She regularly trains on the slopes of Réallon. Every January, a ski mountaineering race named after her is organised in her favourite resort, the « Laetitia Roux ».
The 25 years old champion keeps pursuing a promising career and reaching for the stars. Living her dreams gives her even more strength to stay within the best skiers of this discipline.

"My father communicated his values and his passion for sport and mountain when I was very young. So I easily found my way. My world is made of sport, passion, travels, feelings and competition. My competitive mind, my determination and my combativeness took me very far. I have this need of always challenging myself, giving myself harder and harder goals, enforcing more rules in order to keep going as far as I can, in surpassing myself and in searching for sensations and feelings.
I like to be constant, in sport and in life. I have built myself establishing connections with other people. Those people have inspired me to become who I am. Today, I am proud that it is my turn to pass on my values and inspire happiness to others. Ski mountaineering is expanding right now.
In 2002 were organised the first world championships, but we have one last aim to reach so that our discipline is officially one: the Olympic Games! It is my childhood dream to take part to it, but it is also the little push that would take the ski mountaineering to the international level. »
The 3rd edition of the Laetitia Roux took place on Saturday 18th December, for the opening of the resort.
It was a grand event, bathed in the magical and friendly atmosphere we have come to expect year after year. A thousand candles lighting up the way and the helium balloon floating in the air at the finish line teamed up with a nearly full moon to carry the runners in a magical universe.
Unfortunately, the nature in full harmony with the event had also covered the final corridor in ice, which made its ascent too dangerous. Never defeated, the organisation replaced it with a grand finish line on the ridge, by the viewpoint indicator, overlooking the lake of Serre-Ponçon, crossed by its lit up bridge towards Savines-le-Lac, as if the valley was also decorated for this special day.
As always, and in spite of the temperatures going as low as - 15°C, the hundred runners appreciated this event thanks to the ultra-motivated team of volunteers. » .

Read more about it on Laetitia Roux's blog: http://laetitiaroux.blogspot.com/

The fourth edition of the « Laetitia Roux » happened on Saturday 14th of January.

New this year, the corporate challenge teams. A team of 3 runners coming from the same company, on the circuit A
Individual ranking and total times for the three runners.

As usual, the runners left quickly. Laetitia Roux arrived first 40'17 just in front of Alain Bellagamba (40'30) and Romain Philipp (40'33) a promising senior member of the Team des Écrins.

The number of runners in this fourth edition (151) shows that  the Laetitia Roux  has become a main ski mountaineering event. 

It is an important moment in the life of the resort, declared Madame le maire (mayor) of Réallon, Claudine Peyron. She also thanked the many volunteers for their friendliness and their precious help. 

In 2013, the 5 th edition of "the Laëtitia Roux" happened on Wednesday the 2nd of January.

This year again the corporate team challenge took place. A team of 3 runners coming from the same company, on the circuit A
Individual ranking and total times for the three runners.
6th edition of the « Laetitia Roux », on Thursday 2nd of January 2014.
This year, for the 6th edition of the Laetitia Roux, the night race was the culmination of a whole day dedicated to touring ski: professional stands, initiations, second hand equipment sale and many other entertainments all day long in Réallon resort.
It was the perfect day for the inauguration of our marked touring ski zone: the only one in the Hautes-Alpes.

New in 2014, the opening of the chairlift to the grateful public, so they could see the finishing line at the top of the Chabrières.
7th edition of the ski mountaineering night race the "Laetitia Roux" on 3rd of January 2015!!
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