Sledging space

La Ripaaa
Réallon, lets' Ripaaa! ! !
A new sledge piste 100% natural, the only one in the Hautes-Alpes. 
40 mn of descent and pure adrenaline!
You can also ride it by night, guaranteed fun!
We advise you to book on 04 92 43 23 71 
During the day, there is a maximum of 30 sledges and during the night, 60 sledges.
Let's Ripaaa!!!
Tuesday the 28th of December 2010. 10h15, the first sledger begins his descent of the Ripaaa*. Tanguy Cohen, journalist at "La Provence", has the chance to try out this 100% natural sleging run, before anyone else! After donning the compulsory equipment provided by the skilifts of Réallon (bib, helmet and sledge), he hurtles down the 4km slopes with evident delight! 40 mn later, he is a new fan of this particular ride in Réallon.
The public opening was a great success!
Friday the 31st of December. 10h15. After a few 'test' descents organised those last days, the Ripaaa is opened to its first clients this morning. The feedback is excellent!! « Extra », « Pure riding sensations », « Super fun », « Superb descent, it's great », « Can be done alone, with friends or with family », « A lot of sensations », « Speed, pleasure and emotions », « Exceptional landscapes », « Everyone can manage his own speed »,...
The first night run provided pleasure and sensations!
60 sledgers hurtled down the Ripaaa by night at great speed, to experience even more sensations than during the day! Headlights attached to the helmet, everyone loved experiencing this run by night. Next nocturnal run, 5h30pm, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during half-term, and on Saturdays on school weeks.
Useful info:
(above 12 years old)
Passenger child
(between 7 and 12 years old)
1 sledge run
(equipment provided)


1 sledge run with a valid pass

The sledge run is open to the public
During halfterm 
Everyday at 10h30am,1h30pm and 3h30pm, from the chairlift "Clos des Aurans"
(Arrive at the "Luge/Sledge" checkpoint 30 mn before departure to get your equipment.)
By night: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Departure time depending on the sunset time.
A headlight will be provided.
The piste is adapted to 7 years old. Children between 7 and 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

During school term
On Saturdays and Sundays 10h30am,1h30pm et 3h30pm from the chairlift "Clos des Aurans"
(Arrive at the "Luge/Sledge" checkpoint 30 mn before departure to get your equipment.)
By night: only on Saturday.
No reduced price for night run
*"Ripaaa" means "sliding" in the local dialect!
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