The National park of the Écrins


Réallon: gateway to the National Park of the Écrins.

The most noteworthy French natural park invites you to discover its fauna and flora. All year round, mountain goats, marmottes, orange lilies, royal eagles and edelweiss’s make the show. We care about our landscape. Mountain experience!

Created in 1973, the National park of the Écrins is The European park for high mountain. This international status means that it was awarded the diplôme européen in 1990 and 1995 by the European counsel. The Park is carved out by deep valleys with a strong character and is a bio-climatic cross-road between the northern and the Southern Alps. It explains the variety of this exceptional landscape. Diverse sceneries, fauna, flora and valley identity.

Fauna and flora

Edelweisslavenderglacier buttercup,  peony peregrina, the conditions are ideal for a marriage between the northern and the Mediterranean species. Those colourful flowers of the South have colonised the southern slope of the range, where the park peacefully stretches towards the sun of the Embrunais.

Here, behind the ridges and at the bottom of the valleys of Rabioux, Couleau and Réallon, hide marmottes and mountain goats under the sharp eye of the royal eagle... On the dry slopes of schist rocks with twisted walls, the linaria and the berardia share the limited space with the gentian or the alpine columbine. New horizons at each step, along the paths.

The larch

It is a typical essence of the Hautes-Alpes. Half of French larches grow in our department! 

It is the only resinous tree that loses its needles in the winter. It grows just about anywhere and has very low ecological requirements. It strives under the harsh mountain weather and its wood possesses excellent qualities for many uses.

It grows often in places forgotten by humans. It is a pioneer specie, and thus a transitory one. Once it has established a forestry environment, other opportunist essences will colonise it under its clear branches (fir tree and cembro pine).

This essence works perfectly for a thoughtful versatile use of mountain spaces (secondary pastures, carpentry, heating, land protection, etc.)
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