Ferme du Clos des Noyers



Nicolas Peyron, a young farmer, presents his farm.

The commune of Réallon is also an agricultural area, with a variety of crops grown in all its hamlets.
Sheep, goats, horses and cattle share the grazing land. Nicolas PEYRON, who lives in the hamlet of Les Rousses, breeds and fattens Abondance and Limousin cows. In winter, as well as farming, Nicolas works as a groomer on the downhill ski slopes at Réallon.

8 months of the year, Nicolas's cows graze on the good mountain grass. In June and September, they look after the slopes at Réallon so that the snow can take hold in the ski area. In July and August, the herd migrates to the Écrins National Park for a wonderful holiday with 350 friends, where Chamois, Marmots, Eagles and Bearded Vultures, surrounded by a diverse and varied flora, the Chargès mountains guarantee exceptional meat quality.
During the winter, the animals return to the farm in loose housing, fed with fodder produced on the farm.

Nicolas has opted for sustainable farming and direct sales. You can find his meat on the menu of the restaurant "la spatule en bois" in Réallon and more recently at the "brasserie des Alpes" in Chorges.

We also sell meat on the farm in packages of around 5kg or 10kg, vacuum-packed in portions for 2 or 3 people.
Packages are available from January to August.

Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or on Facebook: Ferme du Clos des Noyers - Nicolas Peyron.

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  • Veal: approx. 5kgs or 10kgs at €15/kg
    Beef: approx. 5kgs or 10kgs at €14/kg.

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