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Oucanes Chabrières

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From Réallon station, take advantage of our panoramic chairlifts to reach the Serre du Mouton crest. A breathtaking panorama on the Serre-Ponçon Fjord, Les Ecrins National Park and the Chabrières Points. Let yourself be tempted by this aerial hike and take on this emblematic mountain of Serre-Ponçon.

This summit, made up of many sharp points, is unique. “Mountain thrills and ambiance, but no real difficulties. You will be amazed during the stiff, but short ascension of the Chabrières Breach, in the middle of the points. Coming later the stange discovery of the unusual Oucanes, a real limestone crevasse maze!!

From the breach, the access to the summit of the Points is possible, but the itinerary is steep and unmarked. Not recommended for children.

The panoramic chairlifts of Réallon allow the soft discovery of the mountain. From the Serre du Mouton crest, several other downhill hikes allow you to reach the station where you can ejoy, relax and restore yourself on sunny terraces.

Randos Réallon
Rando Réallon

Les Ecrins National Park


Created in 1973 after being prefigured in 1913 at the instigation of mountaineers, some naturalist associations and the French Alpine Club, Les Ecrins National Park is one of the ten French National Parks. It is a high mountain territory which culmunates at 4102 meters above sea level, at the Barre des Ecrins and delimits the geographical and climatic border between the Northen and Southern Alps.

Serre-Ponçon is the southernmost of the Park’s sectors. Here, the peaks flirt with the 3000 meters altitude and have their feet in water. The hiker can therefore go from the Mediterranean influence of the Nival level and meet a very diverse fauna and flora.

Hiking ideas


Hikes from Réallon station 


  • The panoramic path of Réallon
    Departure : Parking de la station – Duration : 2h30 – Difficulty: Easy – Drop : 190 m Round trip

Go up the path behind the residence of the Aurans to the chalets (panoramic path). Continue on th epath after the chalets. At the crossing of Pra-d’Ayme, leave the path going down to the right and go up on the one on the left. Continue on the hillside path which, after a panoramic crossing on the Réallon valley, rejoin the l’Aigue Noire chairlift and the summer cottage.
Cross the clearing dotted with larch and hutches on the side, then descend to the intersection of Posette. Leave the path on your right (Les Mallets) and take the one in front (Vaucluse, la Pourrachière). After 100m (information table n°6), leave it to descend the grassy path to the right which runs along the stone wall at its start.
Cross the Bessuilier torrent and go back up to the crossing just after the first 2 chalets of Vaucluse.
Turn left and rejoin the path above.
Turn right (La Pourrachière, Le Bourget) and take it on the side, to the information table n°7, located 50m after the last chalet.


  • Saint Apollinaire lake
    Departure : Parking de la station – Duration : 2h30 – Difficulty : Easy – Drop: 300 m Loop

The Joubelle path (forest path) plunges into the larch. Follow it for 1/2 hour until the sign announcing “Saint Apollinaire lake”.
Take the little path that goes down to the lake, follow during qui descend vers le lac. Depuis le lac, follow the asphalt road fora while to the GR (on the left).
Take this GR which brings you back to the station (Faysses path).

You evolve in balcony of the Serre-Ponçon Lake in a larch forest. At the Saint Apollinaire lake, you are going to find tables and BBQs, pedalos, a mini-golf and a sanck bar with a panoramic terrace. 

Lac de Saint Apollinaire
  • Tour of the Chabrières Points
    Departure : Parking de la station – Duration : 7 hours – Difficulty : Hard – Drop : 800 m Round trip

Throughout this hike, follow the blue markers.
From the station, take the Joubelle path and follow it until it crosses the crests path. Take on the right, in the forest and then cross in balcony above the station.
In a place called “the reserve, go up to the left. Qwickly leave the forest to go to Serre du Mouton. Continue the climb to the West by the crests path until the summit of the chairlifts (place called “la Croix du Vallon”).
Go to the orientation table (on clear days, you can see Mont Ventoux 90 km away!). From there, continue to the breach, take left to cross the scree to the ridge overlooking the lake and the plain of Chorges. The itinerary then turns north-west in the pasture along the site of Les Oucanes and then turns north towards the sheepfold of Rougnous.
Begin the descent and take on the right at the first crossing in direction of the Font Garnière sheepfold to arrive in the ski  area. The path is passing under the Aigue Noire chairlift and arrives on the Courtier plateau.
Rando Ecrins > Les Aiguilles de Chabrières

Exceptional panorama on Serre-Ponçon lake and the Réallon valley.  Mountain atmosphere to discover the admirable site of Les Oucanes, limestone plateau eroded by the runoff of water. 


  • La Croix du Vallon
    Departure : Parking de la station de Réallon – Duration : 4 hours – Difficulty : Medium – Drop : 600 mLoop

Take the large path which goes up on north-east than on north-west near the Courtier chairlift. Pass under Aigue Noire chairlift and go up to the place called “Sous Font Guillarde”. Leave the path that goes to the right and stay on the main track, passing just below the reservoir. Follow this track to the summit of the do;ain then the orientation table. The descent will take place on the Serre-Ponçon lake remains in view. At the following intersecion, continue to descend on your left by leaving the path going to the right in direction of the Joubelle hut and the Saint Apollinaire lake. The path continues then in the forest and then falls back on the Joubelle forest track. Take on the left and reach the Reallon statio nparking.

  • Font-Renarde Hut
    Departure : Parking de la station de Réallon – Duration : 3 hours – Difficulty : Easy – Drop : 300 mLoop

Take the large path which goes up on north-east than on north-west near the Courtier chairlift. Pass under Aigue Noire chairlift and go up to the place called “Sous Font Guillarde”. At the crossing, take right following the blue markers. Near a sheefold leave the large path for a much more wild path (there is still blue markers). After a short descent, find the Font Renarde hut. After the hut, continue to the north. At the following crossing, take on the right the Vaucluse direction. Rejoin the GR50 on the right, to the Southeast. Stay on this GR called “Panoramic path”. Leave the GR to take, on the right, the path that leads back to the station then to the parking lot.

Hike from Réallon Chef-Lieu 


  • Réallon Fort
    Departure : Réallon Town (parking monument aux morts) – Duration : 2 hours 15 – Difficulty : Easy – Drop: 240 m – Round trip (by the GR)

Follow the path that goes up above the sign. After the birfucation, walk up the path to the right to the fort’s ruins.
Go back to the birfucation and follow the path to the right (Le Villard, camping Les Gourniers), on the side and then on the decent. At the crossing, do not take the path to the right, but continue the descent on the one on the left. Arrived at the torrent, follow its left bank to the road.
Reach the Villard bridge, cross the torrent of Réallon and continue on the hillside path.
Leave it to go down on the first one on the left. At the intersection, in front of the Dessize bridge, cross Réallon and go up to the village.

Réallon fort has likely been edified between the XIIth and XIVth century, witness to the presence of man in very distant times. 
To note: the bell tower-porch of the village church is classify as a historic monument. 

Randos Ecrins > Le Fort de Réallon

Fort de Réallon

Hikes from Les Gourniers


  • The discovery path
    Departure : Parking des Gourniers – Duration : 30 minutes – Difficulty : Easy – Loop

Very easy little ride, with panels describing the environment and discovery of the “Giants pot”.
Ideal for a stroll with the kids followed by an ice cream.
Rando Ecrins > Le sentier découverte


  • Chargès hut
    Departure : Parking des Gourniers – Duration : 6 hours – Difficulty : Hard – Drop : 730 m Round trip

From the parking, take to the left after the bridge, in direction of the Saint Marcellin chapel (where in summer, a monitor guardian of Les Ecrins National Park, invites you to observe the chamois at long sight). Follow the path during 45 minutes to the chapel, then the Pré d’Antoni hut. Continue on the path to the torrent you have to cross (delicate when there is a lot of water). Go up a grassy slope where the path is lost in some places to access a f;at area and the Chargès hut.
This itinerary is in the middle of Les Ecrins National Park, please consult Les Ecrins National Park regulations.
Nature Map Serre-Ponçon > Route n°16Na
Go further > le Vallon de Chargès


  • Col de la Gardette
    Departure : Parking des Gourniers – Duration : 5 hours 30 – Difficulty : Medium – Drop : 700 m Loop

Throughout this hike, follow the red markers.
From Les Gourniers, cross the torrent and go to the top of the hamlet on the left. Follow the asphalted road for 1 kmto the Tomelles. Go up to the right to reach a slightly steep path Les Usclas. Continue to the left on the still steep path to reach Les Clots at the edge of the forest (1950 meters of altitude). The trail  rises quite quietly in the pasture, passes over rocky bars and arrives on a flat area at the Gardette hut at the bottom of the summit of La Pousterle. Head south again to reach Col de la Gardette (2125 m). The return takes place through the Gardette valley. Stay on the valley trail and pass the Corbières hut (1880 m) From there, follow the trail that passes under the Rocher de la Roudoourière cliff to Pourrachière. Take the path that goes down under the turning area. A little steep slope will lead you to the Granges. Continue opposite towards the campsite “La Baracane”.   In a few minutes, we can find a trail that we need to follow on the left. Pass near Cure bridge. Stay on this bank of the torrent and follow it for atound twenty minutes to return to the Gourniers bridge.

Very nice hike in the Gardette mountain pasture, panorama of Réallon valley, the surronding high peaks and Serre-Ponçon lake.


  • Col de la Coupa
    Departure : Parking des Gourniers – Duration : 6 hours  – Difficulty : Medium to hard – Drop : 864 mRound trip

From the Gournier parking, cross the bridge on the torrent of Réallon and take the asphalted road to the left. Follow this road on 1 km until the asphalt ends, at the place called “Les Tomelles”. Take the path on the right.
At the next bifurcation, follow the path to the right which plunges into the larch and then joins the Gorge torrent.  Cross ford for about 500m and finish at the adret, on the left bank, in the pastures.
Arrive at a level and climb the slope to the right. Arriver à un replat et monter la pente à droite. Walk past the shepherd’s hut. From there, the path is little marked but the Col is very visible to the northwest. Go there following the slope which straightens regulary to find the winding path that leads to the pass. The return is by the same route.
Randos Ecrins > Le col de la Coupa


More ideas of hike on : Randos Ecrins ou Carte nature Serre-Ponçon



  • Consult the weather forecast of the Hautes-Alpes : +33 (0)8 99 71 02 05
  • Tell (family, host…) your itinerary
  • Equip yourself : good walking shoes,waterproof and warm clothing, sun glasses, hat, bottle of water, small snacks, sunscreen and suitable shoes would also be highly recommended.
  • Do not take any shortcuts, leaving a path is the greatest way to get lost.
  • It is highly recommended to equip yourself with a map IGN TOP 25 Réf.3437.

Currently the beaconing is audited. We are in the impossibility to guarantee the beaconing on these routes. These routes are given for information only. 

So that everyone can enjoy the beauties that nature has to offer, let’s respect it!


‘‘ Do not hesitate to contact our guides who will advise and guide you on unforgegttable hikes!
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