‘‘ An exceptional natural valley with Serre-Ponçon lake in background.
Réallon village

Réallon valley

Réallon, mid-mountain town, partly in Les Ecrins National Parc, dominating the Serre-Ponçon lake is composed of five hamlets (Chef-lieu, Les Rousses, Les Méans, le Villard and les Gourniers) and a ski station.

In winter, a beautiful northen space is offered to you at the Gourniers hamlet and in summer many hikes with departure in different hamlets will make you discover our wonderful landscapes: lakes, mountains, torrents, falls, a rich and varied wild flora and fauna.

You will discover a rich natural and cultural heritage. Many patrimonial sites: oratories, chapels, old chapels, parish Saint-Pelade Church dating from the XIIth century. And an exceptional natural heritage: the Cascade de la Piste of Chef-Lieu, the Pissarotte falls and the Giant’s pot of Gourniers.

Rafting Serre-Ponçon

Serre-Ponçon Lake in background

Real sea-side resort  in the middle of the Alps, Serre-Ponçon Lake offers you the pleasures of swimming and of the most varied water sports.

Thanks to a pleasant thermal breeze, you can do sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing, kite surfing…

Also discover activities such as towed buoys, rowing, canoe, kayak, without forgetting fishing, boat rides or family relaxation on many landscaped beaches.

On the waves of the Durance River, dive, follow the river, taste the heady and refreshing thrills. Supervised by professionnals, you can do rafting, canoe, kayak or swimming in white water. From St. Clement on Durance to Embrun, there is a 17 km course where thrills and emotions are at the end of the paddle.

Throughout the year do not hesitate to push the doors of our different places to visit on Sere-Ponçon.