Six family hikes in Réallon

randonnée famille Réallon
‘‘ If you want to help your children discover nature and share in these simple but unique sensations, Réallon is the mountain resort for you! Come and enjoy an exotic experience as you reconnect with the essential
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From the resort or the valley: truly breath-taking landscapes !

This summer, are you looking to discover hikes with your family that will delight your little budding hikers? Réallon is the hiking destination for you! This resort is guaranteed to appeal to both young and old in search of authenticity and unspoilt nature. From the Réallon resort, take advantage of the   panoramic chairliftsto reach the ridge of the Serre du Mouton. A breath-taking panorama over the Serre-Ponçon fjord, the Ecrins National Park and the Aiguilles de Chabrières. Let yourself be tempted by this aerial hike and set off to conquer the iconic mountain of Serre-Ponçon.

This summit, made up of several sharp needles, is unlike any other. Bursting with adrenaline and a truly “mountainous” atmosphere, though without any real difficulties. You’re sure to be amazed as you make your way up the steep but short ascent of the Brèche de Chabrières, in the heart of the Aiguilles. Then comes the strange discovery of the unusual Oucanes, a veritable maze of limestone crevasses. A hike that will stay with you for a long time !

From the Brèche, you can access the summit of the Aiguilles, though the route is steep and unmarked.Not recommended with children.

The panoramic chairlifts of Réallon offer the chance to discover the mountain in a more gentle way. From the Serre du Mouton ridge, a range of other downhill hikes will allow you to reach the resort, where you can enjoy yourself, relax and eat on the sunny terraces.

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Family hikes from the resort

The Joubelle hut

The Joubelle hut is the first walk we recommend to any visitors upon arrival in Réallon: it’s easy to find, as the departure point is just above the resort’s large car park. The track is wide and welcoming … it’s impossible to get lost!

There is almost no elevation gain if you make the round trip to the hut from the resort. Along the way, the  undergrowth is pleasant and the hut offers up the ideal location to appreciate your first view of Lake Serre-Ponçon.

If you opt for the loop that will bring you back to the resort’s entrance, by the goat farm, you’ll discover the small lake of Saint-Apollinaire, a peaceful little glacial lake – perfect for “no-kill” fly fishing or simply to enjoy nature. The bravest can even take a dip, but don’t wait around too long – remember, you’ve got to make your way back to the resort!

The Joubelle piste, which leads to the cabin of the same name, is shown on the  map of pedestrian and mountain-biking routes,

on the lower left, above the car park. Allow two hours of walking for your return trip to the hut, and three hours for the loop that passes by Lake Saint-Apollinaire. 

You can also reach the Joubelle hut by setting off from Lake Saint-Apollinaire. 

The descent from the Serre du Mouton ridge 

This is, without a doubt, the most remarkable and most travelled route in the resort – and for good reason: it offers remarkable views of Lake Serre-Ponçon and the surrounding mountains! 

Please note, for a family hike, we recommend only taking the Serre du Mouton trail on your descent, making use of the Panoramic Chairlifts for your descent. 

Those with knee problems should also take care, as this route involves 600 metres of vertical drop along a mountain path. We highly recommend using poles to relieve your joints Of course, you can also take this route on the way up – though it may be more difficult to make the kids walk! 

The Serre du Mouton trail is shown on the map of pedestrian and mountain-biking routes, at the start of the Joubelle trail, above the car park and at the arrival to the Chabrière chairlift.

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Family hikes from Chef-lieu, in Réallon

The fort of Réallon

A very pleasant site in a wild environment, with a touch of heritage – that’s how we’d sum up this hike! 

The huge meadow behind the castle offers up the best playground for children (with room to play a real football match!). However, be careful around the walls of the castle, as the ruins can be dangerous for children who may be tempted to climb. 

Find all the practical information and maps on how to reach the Château de Réallon. 

The Terrasses trail 

Discover the agricultural heritage of a mountain village in a rural and sunny atmosphere. Between agricultural terraces, large meadows and a tumultuous torrent, you’re unlikely to run into many tourists – though you might just come across a few sheep. 

Find all the practical information and maps for walking the Terrasses trail. 

Family hikes from Les Gourniers

The Saint-Marcellin Chapel 

This is a classic hike to enter the central area of the Ecrins National Park, which stretches out from the valley, heading towards the Chargès mountain pastures. Here, the environment becomes more austere, with steeper slopes, as we enter the world of the high mountains – but that’s the price to pay for the chance to see the chamois! 

The Ecrins National Park reception centre in Gourniers offers exhibitions and the chance to observe animals via telescope – check opening hours before planning your trip. 

Find all the practical information and maps to discover the Saint-Marcellin Chapel. 

The Ousella loop 

Recently created by the agents of the Ecrins National Park, this loop offers a truly stunning hike. After a few beautiful passages through the undergrowth, the landscape opens onto the valley. 

It’s not uncommon to spot large raptors here: the short-toed snake eagle, the royal eagle or even the griffon vulture, impossible to miss with its 2.8-metre wingspan! 

Blooming in spring and early summer, the meadows are a real invitation to peaceful contemplation, unless you have the energy and motivation to head off and explore the small lake of Laus. However, this hike will add nearly 500 metres of total elevation gain to your walk. 

Find all the practical information and maps for the Oussela loop 



  • Equip yourself: good walking shoes, waterproof and warm clothing, sunglasses, hats, water bottles, small snacks and sunscreen. 
  • Don’t take any shortcuts, leaving the trail is the best way to get lost. 
  • We strongly recommend taking an IGN TOP 25 Map Ref.3437 ET and 3438 ET. 

To make sure we can all continue to enjoy the beauties that nature offers us, let’s remember to respect it !