Ski touring, made easy !

Le ski de Randonnée à Réallon
‘‘ Ski touring, a long-standing tradition! The pleasure of climbing the summits and descending upon beautiful, snow-covered slopes.
Ski de randonnée à Réallon
ski de Randonnée

Réallon was the birthplace of the French champion of ski mountaineeringLaetitia Roux, undisputed world champion for many years.

With easy access, from Gap and more generally from major roads in the region, this is the ideal resort for a morning or evening outing before or after other more traditional daily activities.

Finally, a climb to Réallon via the Serre du Mouton offers quick access to an impressive panorama, between the view of the immense lake of Serre-Ponçon and the imposing Aiguilles de Chabrières.

Before your outing, check the  bulletin neige de Réallon and risk of avalanches on the  mountain weather.

Ski de rando Réallon

Réallon, it has everything you’d expect from a much larger resort !

The Serre du Mouton route brings together all the ingredients that characterise ski touring :

  • With the first section in the forest, amid a leafy atmosphere
  • A transition area, where the forest gives way to mountain pastures, allowing the landscape to open up to the greatest sights, sure to amaze hikers
  • Then, your arrival in a more alpine atmosphere, depending on conditions and your personal motivations: the peak of the resort, the toposcope or the slopes and gaps of the Aiguilles de Chabrières for experienced skiers.
Le ski de Randonnée à Réallon

The climb, a prelude to one of the most beautiful panoramas !

It’s the climb that makes all the difference! This route presents no significant difficulty for hikers, with a modest elevation gain of just 600 m, though it offers all the flavour to this route !

After passing between the Serre du Mouton and up to the toposcope a few hundred metres from the top of the resort, the classic route continues along a ridge. Without ever being extreme, this ridge offers the route a particularly attractive aspect, with breath-taking aerial views: to the south, the sun shines on Lake Serre-Ponçon, revealing its treasures – the Saint-Michel Chapel, the Chanteloube bridge and its wild coves. In the background, the Gapençaise plain and the Hautes-Provence Alps massif offer a reminder that lavender and Provence are not all that far away. To the north, the Écrins massif is revealed as you gain altitude. Les Gourniers, located at the bottom of the valley, is one of the natural gateways to the Parc national des Ecrins.

The peaks flourish at an altitude of 3,000 metres, stretching out as far as the eye can see. The toposcope will allow you to scout out the route between Mont Ventoux – far to the south – and Mourre Froid, Pelvoux and the Barre des Écrins to the north.

ski de rando pour tous à Réallon

Ski touring for everyone !

Both contemplative and physical, this activity is accessible to as many people as possible.

Our favourite spring activity – as the snowpack is more stable than in winter, the days are longer and the mild temperature is perfect for picnics !

The advantage of discovering ski touring in Réallon is the opportunity to make the most of the resort’s services : loueurs de matériel in the resort centre, the option for supervision from esf, clear and easily located climbing routes and the ability to adapt your descent to your level and the conditions, with blue and red slopes, as well as off-piste routes close to the ascent trail.

Experienced skiers can set off on several classic but wilder routes, departing from Les Gourniers, making this hamlet an excellent base camp for day hikes, with the gite des 3 cols as the perfect spot to set up camp: with access to the Col de la Gardette, Col de la Coupa, and the Pénas …

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ski de randonnée
‘‘ For me, the magic of Réallon is being able to do two ski-touring climbs per day during my family holidays: one in the early morning before the children wake up and another in the evening when the ski area shuts.