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Fill up on sensations

The latest bike park in the Southern Alps (inaugurated in summer 2018), Réallon station offers you 10 VTT DH and enduro trails of all levels in balcony on Serre-Ponçon Lake and in front of Les Ecrins National Park.

Two chairlifts allow you to reach the Serre du Mouton crest and to enjoy the 600m of vertical drop along the slopes.

Panoramic crest, mountain pastures and larch forest are on the program for a varied and fun ride on rolling tracks with a few modules…

The enduro itineraries allow you to vary the pleasures with singles techniques with natural obstacles. Moreover, Réallon offers you a VTT school located on the station, animated by passionate professionals.


Description of trails :

6 downhill trails :

  • Gardette : green trail, THE trail to get started in downhill mountain biking with all the obstacles of a real trail but accessible to all.
  • Shammy : green trail, under the 1st chairlift which allows to get started in peace. You will be able to grasp your first raised turns and bumps or to wind up all the volumes.
  • Melez’in : blue trail, under the 1st chairlift that allows confirmed to accelerate and beginners to improve their skills. Really fun trail and accessible to all.
  • Chabrières : Red trail, at the start of the 2nd chairlift with a view on Serre-Ponçon Lake, for a playful descent to reach the indermediate plateau.
  • Oucanes : red trail, in the alpin meadows, a playful and pleasant trail for the experienced mountain bikers. Departure at the 1900m level by taking the first turns of the red “Chabrières” trail.
  • Diablée : black trail, a real natural downhill trail with rocks, roots, multiple trajectories and all the difficulties of a competition engaged trail on 500m of vertical drop. Departure by taking the first turns of the red “Chabrières” trail.

4 enduro itineraries

  • Enduro 1 : blue itinerary, under the 1st chairlift. a natural and winding itinerary which allows to learn how to ride on a path without obstacles.
  • Enduro 2 : red itinerary, a single allowing to find the GR50 (panoramic path) which will allows you to find the station by a typical enduro itinerary or to continue towards the bottom of the Reallon valley.
  • Enduro 3 : black itinerary, a steep and wild single for the most experienced.
  • Enduro 4 : red itinerary, alpin trail with lot of rocks!
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Plan VTT

Chairlift prices


Prices VTT and scooter :

Adult (from 14 years old to 65 years old) Child (from 5 years old to 14 years old and seniors (+65 years old))
(+ than 20 people)
Full day 18.00 € 16.00 € 17.00 €
Demi-journée 14.00 € 14 .00 € 13.00 €
6 days (consecutive) 66.00 € 55.00 €  
Season 99.00 € 99.00 €  
1 single mountain bike climb
(1st chairlift)
8.00 €
6.00 €
1 single mountain bike climb
(2nd chairlift)
12.00 €
9.00 €









Free for children under 5.



Pedestrian fare :

1 round trip 1st chairlift 2nd chairlift
Adult (from 14 to 65 years old) 7.00 € 10.00 €
Child (from 5 to 14 years old) Seniors ( + 65 years old)
5.00 € 8.00 €
Group (+ than 20 people) 5.00 € 8.00 €
Group (+ than 50 years old) 6.50 € 6.50 €








Free for children under 5

Réallon VTT school

L’école de VTT de Réallon welcomes you at the bottom of the chairlifts (ESF local in winter, near Office de Tourisme) and offers you :

  • Rentals, support with a state-certified MCF supervisor.
  • VTT washing point at the bottom of the tracks
  • Repair

The services of the Reallon VTT school :

  • Group and individual courses
  • Initiation and improvement in DH
  • Adult and children internships
  • Hikes
  • Mechanic and electric VTT rental
  • Electric scooter rental

Your privileged contact at Réallon VTT school: Franck Keller (Certified guide instructor)
+33 (0)7 62 81 91 22
+33 (0)6 08 00 16 68

VTT and scooter rental prices:

  • Electric scooter or VTT: 18€/h
  • semi-rigid VTT: Adult : 20€ for 1/2 day
  • Child (24 inches) : 15€ for 1/2 day
  • Downhill protection included VT : from 50€ 1/2 day

Download the maps of the Serre-Ponçon mountain biking area.